Private Aircraft Maintenance


Experienced aircraft owners know that when it comes to maintenance, having someone on your team representing your best interest, not theirs, saves tens of thousands of dollars.  That’s where the hands-on management style of Aero Dynamics really pays off.  When you retain us to manage your aircraft, a significant portion of our responsibility is managing the maintenance.


We don’t operate a big maintenance facility, so maintenance is not a major profit center for us, like it is for some companies. We believe our role should be that of a trusted advisor, and operating our own maintenance facility would create too much conflict of interest with our aircraft owners.  This also means we’re free to shop around and take your aircraft anywhere we mutually agree will get the best quality maintenance at the best price. 


Cost plus pricing


Typically, we use factory service centers for the major maintenance. We not only negotiate on your behalf for discounts normally only available to the trade, we often successfully negotiate cost plus type contracts for our clients. For day-to-day, minor maintenance we will use our mechanics, or local FAA approved repair stations. Even then, we believe in transparency, and will provide all parts and labor at cost plus a modest mutually agreed margin.  We have found over the years that maintenance costs, even when well managed, are a real concern for all aircraft owners, and cost plus pricing allows our owners to feel totally confident they are getting the best pricing possible.


Enhance the value of your aircraft


We use the latest in maintenance tracking and planning software, not only to ensure all required inspections have been done, but also to preserve and enhance the value of your aircraft. When the day arrives to sell your aircraft, excellent log books can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the selling price.  Our logbook updating and recordkeeping is second to none.  The goal is to ensure your safety today, and enhance the resale value of your plane for tomorrow.

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