Private Aircraft Management


Without safety, nothing else matters.  That’s why it’s safety first and always with Aero Dynamics.

Our company is owned by Airline Transport Rated pilots who have more than 10,000 flight hours each.  We never lose sight of our primary responsibility, which is the safe transportation of owners, employees, loved ones, family and friends. 


One significant advantage of having a pilot owned management company is your pilots supervisors are pilots themselves. They understand the issues that your flight crew faces on a daily basis. They understand the risk analysis that takes place for each and every flight.  As pilots ourselves, we will always instruct our crews to make the safest choice, and never bow to any pressure to make a flight that should be diverted, delayed or cancelled.


We fly with the best


We seek out the best trained, most highly skilled pilots. We then send our flight crews to simulator training where they practice and perfect all types of routine and emergency procedures.


After that, we personally fly with them for many hours, not just for a one-time check ride.  Only then, after line training and extensive evaluation, do they fly our clients’ planes.


It takes a pilot to know a first class pilot from a simply good or average one, and rest assured, only the most diligent, competent pilots fly our aircraft.


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