NASA Scientific Balloon Chase Planes


Aero Dynamics is proud to be a part of the NASA Scientific Balloon team, providing  flight crews for their balloon chase planes.


The Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility, located in Palestine, Texas, is a NASA funded facility that launches large, unmanned, high altitude research balloons that can measure 400 feet in diameter, are up to 750 feet from the top of the balloon to the payload underneath, and fly at 120,000 feet.  Our chase plane pilots help recover the scientific experiments suspended beneath the balloon when it lands.


These flights give our pilots a chance to go places and do things most pilots usually only dream about doing, including operating in the Arctic, well north of the Arctic Circle. We have found this helps us attract and keep truly motivated and talented flight crews for our corporate jet operations. 


For complete details on all the planned launches for 2015 and more information in general on the NASA Scientific Balloon Program, visit